About Me



An Engineer on paper and a professional Chef by passion, I proudly present Simmer & Spice-  a melange of my heritage and my love for food. Complete credit goes to the lineage of women who nurtured me with food enhanced with their kindness and warmth. 


Early 2010, while I was in the second year pursuing Computer Engineering, I realized I was born to work with food. The way I comprehend flavours and ingredients, I could never fathom software languages or networking algorithms. I believe I am blessed with uber supportive parents who enabled their little girl to fly away to a faraway country- Canada. My journey from India to Canada and from an Engineer to a Chef is what really defines me as a person.


Today, I spend most of my time reading and researching Indian and Ayurvedic food, and related history, recreating masterpieces by my guardian women, and spreading the joy of food. If you share similar interests, shoot me a message and I would be more than happy to join you at a local coffee shop and spend hours discussing food.

Image by Nisha Ramesh


Indian Food

The Indian subcontinent is a prominent region of Asia owing to its thousands of years of dramatically flourishing history. The origins of Indian cuisine are deeply rooted in its glorious past. It has remodeled itself century after century, not only based on what was locally available but also by liberally accepting the traditions of the Shehenshahs, Maharajas, and Maharanis that once proudly ruled the subcontinent. It is not a surprise that a traditional Indian khichadi (1 pot rice and lentils), Parsi Salli Boti- a Persian mutton stew, and Bebinca- Portuguese inspired layered custard cake harmoniously appear on an Indian themed menu. 

Indian cuisine has evolved through various historical events over the years, without obliterating its past. And the result is a beautiful mosaic of regional cuisines from different eras that truly speak for the nation's illustrious history and diversity. I believe that the true beauty of Indian cuisine lies in the way it celebrates its sub-cuisines as a legacy left behind by ancient civilizations, visionary traders and merchants, and foreign rulers.

The food scene in India, in my opinion, has been restructured starting the 21st century. Millennials are more inclined towards global cuisine that reshapes Indian food from a regular fare consisting of rice, chapati, and a couple of subzis to modular inventions like Kadhai Paneer Pizza, Butter Chicken Pot Pie, and Mango Lassi Mousse. With a solid traditional foundation and impressions of its glorious past, Indian cuisine has artistically transformed into Modern Indian Cuisine.