3 Pillars Of Good Health

1. आहार (Aahar)- Diet

2. शयन (Shayana) ​- Sound sleep

3. ब्रह्मचर्य​ (Brahmacharya)- Celibacy

1. Diet:

The first hour of digestion after the food is ingested is the Kapha stage. People with Kapha dosha feel uncomfortable, heavy breathing, asthma etc. The second hour is the Pitta stage. Rashes, psoriasis, eczema, other allergic reactions etc will take place in this stage. Four hours after the food ingested, is the Vata stage. People with Vata dosha deal with issues like arthritis, rheumatism, gas etc

Ayurveda states the following foods should be consumed regularly:

Shaali/ Shashtika- (Aged) Rice Yava- Barley Godhuma- Wheat Ghritam- Ghee Balamulaka- Tender radish Pallava- Leafy greens Sharkara- Sugar (Cane) Madhu/ Kshaudra- Honey Saindhava - Black or pint rock salt Mudga- Moong dal Amla/ Amalaki -Indian gooseberry Khsira- Milk (A2)

At the same time, certain foods cannot be eaten every single day:

- Yogurt (will increase Kapha)

- Shuktam- Fermented foods every day can cause parasites

- Raw onions, beans, dry roasted meat, dry food- High vata

- Raw uncooked food

- Food hard to digest (Red meat or poultry, game meat)

- Frozen food

These foods can increase your ama- toxins. Toxins can enter your blood and trigger RH- rheumatic factor, toxic bloating substance, create a coating on tongue causing chronic bad breath, block channels, clog blood vessels, fatigue, bacterial toxicity etc

Tri-doshic diet (Food that suits everyone- all three doshas)

- Moong dal khichadi

- Sambar

- Aloo Gobi

- Boondi Raita

- Coconut chutney

2. Sleep:

- Good sleep promotes good digestion.

- Helps the brain perform its cleaning functions. CSF - Cerebrospinal fluid helps delete the unwanted memory/ data. Like an automatic memory cleaning app on your computer or mobile phone. When you are asleep, the interstitial space between the tissues in the brain increases by up to 60% than when awake. This helps in better flushing out of unwanted information. Thus we wake up feeling fresher and rested.

3. Celibacy:

Not asking you to restrain from the pleasure or renounce married life or anything of that sort. While a healthy sex life keeps many disorders at bay, indulging in sexual activity post-meal could invite unwanted acid reflux, indigestion, or simply vomit. So no hanky-panky right after your dinner. Give it at least 3 hours. Sex is a soulful activity connecting your body and mind, just like yoga or meditation. We cannot really connect with our inner-self on a full stomach. Therefore these practices are best enjoyed on a relatively emptier stomach.

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