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It is appalling how our reality has taken a turn within weeks. Though most of us are working from home, students are completing their course load online and front line workers are out there battling their lives, our life has practically come to a standstill. Is this nature's way to remind us of the importance of slowing down? Have we taken our lives and that of the others for granted? Did money become a priority over relationships? Did ‘Self-care’ become merely a hashtag on social media with no grounding meaning?

The fact is we are living in an unsettling situation that is highly unanticipated. A buoyant approach towards this could be the ‘gift’ of time that essentially each one of us longed for. Like it or not, we have to change our lives to adapt to this new way of ‘living’. During these extended hours of seclusion, our minds are steered towards keeping ourselves busy and entertained. And interestingly, our brain inadvertently drives us towards food to do away with boredom.

If you have been following me on social media, you would notice a lot more food-related posts being published every day. On a usual workday, post prepping, cooking and cleaning up, there barely is any enthusiasm left to capture a beautiful shot of the food and make an Insta worthy post to publish it. Interestingly, now I have all the time in the world to do that. This was followed by a thought- to share my ideas and expertise so as to inspire others to get creative in their kitchens.

Food has been my passion since I was 7 (maybe even prior to that, but I have no memory as such of the earlier times). The way I perceive food- a medium to nourish our bodies and heal our minds, I want people to experience the same. Genuinely, it need not cost you an arm and a leg to experience this food euphoria.

So here I am, trying to spread awareness about homecooked food. I call it 'Homecooked Movement'. The motive behind the Homecooked Movement is not to highlight what I consumed today or what has been cooking in my kitchen. The idea is to motivate others to do the same in their kitchens, polish their skills and (re)discover their passion for healthy eating. Next time you log on Instagram or Facebook, check out my posts and stories (@ankitavaidya_) for easy to make Indian food recipes. Also, when you post your kitchen stories, use the hashtag #homecookedmovement to inspire others. I am sure you have some amazing family recipes that are your all-time favourites.

For some, perhaps, it comes naturally while others may struggle a bit. It is okay to fail at first, which is as natural as day and night. There will be some mishaps, some burnt dinners, and some failed experiments. The apprehension of failure is the cruellest peril on an enthralling journey called excellence. Once we put a part of ourselves into food, we diligently learn from our experiences only to outdo our ex-attempts. Remember how many times you fell off the bike before being able to ride it independently? Out of nowhere, one day you found your balance to ride the bike and I am sure it was the happiest moment for you back then. Similarly, a day will come when you will find your moment with food. And when that happens, you will not want to stop. Till then, keep cooking and keep inspiring in your own unique way.

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