We are what we eat

A harmonious Ayurvedic algorithm of digestion

आहार संभवो देहः

Body is derived from food

So what happens after the food is ingested? The juices from food are absorbed by various elements in our bodies at different stages. Each dhatu- element has a psychological function.

1. Rasa- Plasma (Faith)

2. Rakta- Blood (Ambition)

3. Mamsa- Muscle (Confidence)

4. Meda- Fat tissue (Compassion)

5. Asthi- Bones (Support)

6. Majja- Bone marrow (Communication)

7. Shukra/ Artava (Lovemaking/ procreation)

1. Rasa dhatu:

- As the food is ingested, first the juices are absorbed by rasa dhatu, plasma. When this element is affected, our faith in ourselves or others can be shaken.

2. Rakta dhatu:

- Then comes rakta dhatu, blood. When this element is nourished by food juices, we feel ambitious, empowered, and dedicated to our goals.

- Faith from rasa dhatu is a precursor to our zealousness.

3. Mamsa dhatu:

- Next in line is the muscular tissue. When this tissue is nourished, we are driven by confidence- in ourselves as well as others.

- Confidence in our goals, ambitions.

- Confidence to climb, to jump, to take up a new project, in relationships, etc.

4. Meda dhatu:

- The nourishment of fat tissue brings love, compassion.

- Maybe that is why eating fatty food is the ultimate 'comfort' food when overwhelmed or depressed. Our body craves intimacy, affection, and comfort in any form.

5. Asthi dhatu:

- The bone structure helps give support and shape to our bodies.

- If this element is poorly nourished, we suffer from joint pain, weak ligaments, fractures, etc

- On an emotional level, malnourished Asthi dhatu can leave us feeling helpless, anxious, or abandoned.

6. Majja dhatu:

- At this stage, the juices from our food are used towards the nourishment of bone marrow, synaptic space, CSF, etc

- The main function of a synapse (space between neurons) is communication. For better signals and exchange of information, this element needs good nourishment.

7. Shukra/ Artava dhatu:

- This is the most refined stage of digested food. It is Ojas- the pure energy from food. At this point, our procreation and lovemaking elements are nourished.

- Quality of sperms and eggs formed in our body that give birth to another human depends on the nourishment of this element.

- Thus, what we eat is directly contributed to the wellbeing of our offsprings.

And this way, through 7 stages of assimilation, WE ARE WHAT WE EAT!

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